My name - Aidan O’Neil

My name is Aidan O'Neil. Born in 1967 to English parents near Manchester, I moved to Switzerland in 1970 and grew up here. I have now been living in the Zurich area since 1992.

Movement & Sports = Passion

Movement and sports have remained my passion ever since I was a child. Showing a wide range of interests and talents, my movement experience and coordination skills developed universally. Today, my interests still range from tennis, skiing, football, athletics and volleyball to road cycling, mountain biking, inline skating, snowboarding, wakeboarding, swimming, and kite surfing.

From an All-rounder to a Specialist

From a talented all-rounder, I became a specialist in several select sports. My enthusiasm for movement and for learning and improving in new sports is still undiminished to this day. Very soon it was clear to me that I wanted to make a living from my passion for sports.


I started my university studies in Sports at the ETH and soon got a part time job as a Sports Teacher at high school on the side. After I graduated from the ETH as a Physical Education and Sports Teacher (Master of Science in Sports) I continued working there full time. . Later I added Personal Trainer ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and the Postgraduate Study (NDS ETH) in Business Administration and Sports Management to my education.

Working as a Sports Teacher

After 12 years of teaching sports at various high schools (Gymnasium), I spent 4 years in the Wealth Management sector (Sports Desk and Human Resources). Since 2004 I have my own business as a Personal Coach.

I am very interested in the topics of athletic training, performance coaching, rehabilitation, qualitative movement learning, pain-free movement, functional medicine, nutrition and supplementation, which all are important pillars of my coaching approach.

Many years of activity as a competitive athlete

In many years as a competitive athlete, sports teacher and personal performance coach, I have been able to get insights into the methods and concepts of the world's best coaches and scientists in the fields of sports and medicine. In so doing, I have constantly refined my training methods and have taken the most efficient aspects out of everything. This has led me to a universal functional training method, which I can now pass on to my clients as a Performance Coach.

A new coaching certification

A new coaching certification in a ground-breaking training method that provides durable, efficient, and injury-free movement in both competitive sports and everyday life perfectly complements my experience as a Personal Coach.

The perfect mix

Whether you want to train exclusively with your own bodyweight or with tools such as dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, weight vest, elastic bands etc., I have the perfect mix for you.

Not only the correct technique and the necessary coordination, but also having fun are always in the spotlight, so that you progress, stay motivated and achieve your goals with ease.

Define your goals

Whether you are a competitive or amateur athlete, fit or unfit, injured, or uninjured.
I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and give your confidence an extra kick.

Let's define your goals together and then tackle them without compromise.







  • Swiss Federal Diploma in Physical Education II ETH (Master in Sports)
  • Personal Trainer ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Swiss Federal Diploma as Snowsports Instructor (Swiss Snowsports)
  • Postgraduate Studies in Business Administration and Sports Management (NDS ETH)
  • GOATA Movement Coach



  • 12 years as a Sports Teacher at High School level
  • 4 years in Wealth Management (Sports Desk and Human Resources)
  • Self-employed since 2004 in the areas of Personal Training, Performance Coaching for Athletes and Top Managers, Health Coaching, Corporate Fitness



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My clients include professional and competitive athletes, ex-athletes, amateur athletes, and non-athletes. Most of my clients are leaders such as top managers or self-employed entrepreneurs. There are also members of royal families and politicians among them. Some of them come from abroad for several weeks each year for an active time-out (active retreat) with fitness, skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, canoeing, stand-up-paddling and much more.