"Coaching means unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It means supporting that person to learn rather than teaching them."
Sir John Whitmore



A Performance Coach is a professional who helps clients improve their performance. The role of a Performance Coach has gained in importance in recent years and is now increasingly used not only by athletes and entire sports teams, but also in the business world by leaders or employees.
A Performance Coach will help you overcome mental issues that are holding you back from success. He works with you to optimise your skills to make efficient decisions that increase your performance.



Increase performance: Learn the skills to increase your potential! I will help you achieve your personal and athletic goals.
Build confidence: When you lack confidence, you feel unmotivated and are easily distracted from your goal. My Performance Coaching helps you to focus on your strengths and optimise personal development to be more successful in your sports or business career.


Increase productivity: My Performance Coaching helps you to push yourself, to become more committed and resilient.


For Athletes: Unleash your true potential with my Performance Coaching in cooperation with sports clinics, sports doctors, and osteopaths.

For Business Managers: Start your intensive Performance Coaching program for better health, pain-free well-being and high-performance in work and everyday life.


Holistic method:
Holistic health considers every part of a person, including body, mind, and emotional state. A holistic method treats each piece as essential, as their interaction significantly impacts your daily life.


Holistic coaching looks for answers considering the internal and external factors and how they interact with each other.
As a Holistic Coach, I can help you to better understand your motivation and aspirations and change your life positively.



  • Align and promote your values and beliefs.
  • Challenge yourself to become better
  • Stimulate your mind and body to feel empowered
  • Identify and remove negative aspects of your life
  • Address your inner obstacles and break down barriers to realise your full potential
  • Regain control of your self-talk, your inner voice, to act consciously and with determination
  • Be individual and stand out amongst others
  • Develop goals in personal, mental, or physical terms

I will clarify your goals with you and create an action plan to bring about sustainable changes. You will benefit from my holistic model, which offers access to a network of leading experts and cooperates with the best sports science and medical service providers.